In Thailand, a person who becomes a monk

In Thailand, a person who becomes a monk must have material guardians. Most parents are guardians, but the temple does not take responsibility for whatever they need during their life as a Buddhist monk or even if they get sick. The temple is just a place to carry it out. The monks’ welfare life is a place where they don’t have to worry. Everywhere I go to Thailand, it is free of charge, and I’m trying to be stable and stable.
It is remembered as a place called ‘Jolburi.’ When I went out of town, I was impressed by the fact that there was a dagger in every temple. It was something you couldn’t see in the city. Monks in the city also seemed to come to these places to serve Darby. Darby’s chimney leaves a very impressive impression. By building a chimney in the shape of a beautiful tower, no one can fathom the fact that it is Darbijang.
Thais naturally have the idea that when anyone dies, they buy a third of their entire fortune for the dead. Of course, poetry is not offered as money, but rather as a temple sewage system, Yosa-chae repair and extension. As such, both inside and outside the temple are completely out of control.
Once, I saw Shindo and the Buddhist monk who had visited the temple for a long time. In other words, he wanted to build a foundation under the temple to celebrate his mother’s 49th birthday. The Buddhist monk cannot allow it to demolish a fine shaft and rebuild it with marble.
There is no law of unfairness even after the 49th system, but only the law of ascension. When the priests were seated under the altar of fire, the faithful would kneel down, saying, “We are the Three-eared, the Five-Eyed Peoples. Please accept it because it is a clean offering.” Then he memorizes the five gates of Samgwi and exalt them. Chantan’s song goes on while the monks worship.

“a country protected by Buddha.
The mountains are full of fruit and the forests are green.
The river is full of fish and the fields are full of five grains.
If you do not listen to Sambo, how can you bring back this happiness?
The monks must have had parents.
The monks must have loved ones.
You don’t want to eat what you want, you don’t want to eat.
You don’t do what you want to do, you throw everything away, and you want to do it for all your life.
Do you have any trouble cleaning the freeway?
“Where can I put my soul, instead of raising my soul to this monk?”

About this kind of song leads to a number of songs.
After raising the food, the envelope is put up. Nor can I forget the innocence of North Korea looking into the envelope.
Thailand is the world’s 10th largest gold holder. Gold is common everywhere. The value of the currency is high and the economy is bound to stabilize. The value of Thailand’s currency “boot” was higher than that of the United States in 1972. It would still be the same now. Rice is famous for growing a lot and fruits are common Therefore, it deserves to be proud that it is a nation blessed with the grace of Sambo. The country’s worshippers, who bring their newborn babies to the Buddhist temple, raise the spirit of worship to the Buddhist monk, are not comparable to ours.
Why do the Thai people have politics? there is little doubt that There are so many naive and simple aspects. While these are considered backward countries, they can be positively interpreted as having a naive look even in today’s civilized age. It was also uncertain how long the Thai people’s appearance would last, as the world was awakened and hardened by the spirit of civilization. However, it was also thought that the happiness of mankind was that there was a land like a primeval forest that was not in the hands of such a person.

World Buddhism also went to the office in downtown Bangkok. I remember being welcomed there because of the “name card” I made in Korea. I had made the ceiling of Seokguram Daebul Card. Later, I wrote the explanation of Buddha Seokguram and engraved my name in Korean, Chinese and English. It’s a big business card. The office manager said, “I love Seokguram Buddha,” and added, “I will enlarge it and hang it in my office.”
I saw a map of the world that depicts the Buddhist distribution there. There was a detailed description of the country where Buddhism was in the past, the country where Buddhism was now and the country where Buddhism would spread in the future. However, Korea was marked as ‘the country where Buddhism was in the past’ on the map.
Yes, I said. “Why was Buddhism only in the past in Korea, and it is still prevalent in the present.” I am a Korean monk.’
He said, “Oh, really? I didn’t make it myself, but I’ll talk about it and correct it at the next meeting.” And the secretary asked me many questions about Korean Buddhism.
I remember coming out of there and being in a lonesome mood. Indeed, how far is Korean Buddhism from today’s living Buddhism, Silla and Goryeo Is Buddhism in Joseon Dynasty and Buddhism in the 36th year of Japanese colonial rule turned out into the ground and now his throat is out? I remember trying to go back to my true conscience and look back on Korean Buddhism.
There is a “Kurung Kansana” in Thailand, where it will designate Japan and also set the day when Buddhist monks will be honored.
At the marble temple, the monks were making time-scheduled inquiries, and a public relations consul from the Korean Consulate came to us. They brought film and asked me to show the movie because there are many people coming to the temple. South Korean officials were asking us to do something because they had no chance to get close to the temple.
Rev. Geo-hae and I had to inform the public at the evening’s court and brought the projector around. Seeing Pohang Iron & Steel Co.’s iron-making screen, Thai monks were also worried, ‘Korea is developing like that, and Thailand is not thinking of using only foreign products.’
One monk once again said, “Are you in a big time? Is Seoul big?’ “Although Tokyo is big, Seoul is good.When he replied, he expressed his sympathy.
We also boasted that we contributed to civilian diplomacy by promoting Korea at the request of the consulate. And because of that, the consular staff was so friendly that they could leave Thailand and go anywhere, Sri Lanka, Myanmar… Because it was easy to receive a change of destination. After nine months, he left Thailand for Myanmar.

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